My Chicken has been Chicken-napped!

It is now confirmed that my missing chicken has been chicken-napped! I have recently received a disturbing, yet hopeful email.  The email was sent anonymously to me with nothing but a picture of my chicken.

For information leading the to recovery of my chicken. 


Picture sent by anonymous emailer

The fact that the email was sent via an anonymous email service, shows that the suspect(s) is experienced in surfing the internet.  As you can see, the road signs have been erased, showing that the suspect(s) has basic knowledge of a computer and a paint program.  If you have any information on where this photo might have been taken, email me.

We here at Fozzy Crime labs will be conducting a serious of tests on the photo.  Preliminary tests have shown the existence of a McDonald's near this very unique freeway junction sign:

The Golden Arches

Email received on Monday

On Monday, i got the picture above.  I have no clue where this is, except that if you zoom in on the street sign in the lower left, you'll see what resembles "4th ave"

Emails received on Wednesday

Today I got some of the most significant evidence of where my chicken might be.  Early this morning, I received the following picture:

Finally, something I can use to get a location.  I did a little bit of research on the web and found out that this sign is in Yellowstone national park!  I even found a picture of this exact sign!

The above picture with the chicken appears to be real.  I thought at first, maybe it was super-imposed, but the details of the photo look correct. 

Later, I received an email from a friend, with the following newspaper clipping:

If you look in the lower left story, you'll see what appears to be a picture of my chicken robbing the Dunkin Donuts.  I believe my chicken has been framed in this video.  He could never have gotten messed up with bad stuff like that.

So, the recent evidence has led me to believe that my chicken has been taken across the US via car/truck.  If the pictures are recent, he should be in Colorado by now.  But these pictures could have been taken as long ago as a week or so.  I will continue to examine the evidence and look for clues.  I am starting to put together a list of suspects.  I believe that there may be 2 or 3 people involved. 

Emails received on Saturday

Not a whole lot to work with on this one.  But it does look like the chicken nappers are trying to show that they are treating my chicken well. 

Emails received on Sunday 9/22

Clearly my chicken is being framed as driving this vehicle (A truck perhaps).  But look! He doesn't even have his feathers on the steering wheel. The big question is, Where is my chicken going? and Who took him? 

If you look closely at the photo, you will see the finger of the suspect toward the bottom middle of the chicken.  hmmmm, I'll need to analyze the finger in the crime lab.

Emails received on Monday 9/23

Yet another picture in the series.  It definitely looks like my chicken is traveling east!  Here we see Montana signs in the background.

Email received on Friday 9/27

I got these pictures on Friday.  This confused me, because now the pictures don't appear to be going "In order"  Where is my chicken being led?  that is the first question... And by who?  More to come.

Emails received on Wednesday 10/2

This bottom picture definitely appears to be a doctored photo.  But from where?

I have just received word that this picture is from Mount Rushmore.  You can also see the arm of the suspect holding my chicken!

Emails received on Thursday 10/3

Hmmm, ok, maybe my chicken is making it across the country?  It looks to be a cloudy day, i wonder if i can use that information to find out approximately WHEN my chicken was here?

As more information is garthered, I'll keep you informed. 

It looks like this case might last a little bit of time, so I'll arrange the web page better next time I get more evidence from the chicken-nappers.  I still have yet to get any list of demands or a motive.

-- Fozzy

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